As far as nerdy proposals go, this one really wakes the Wind Fish. The lucky lady (let's call her "Amber," since that appears to be her name) was treated to a fancy-ass dinner by her boyfriend of six years, followed by what happens after any good date—some original Legend of Zelda.

But Nerdy Romeo had something up the sleeve of his tunic, and Amber was thrilled when the wise old sage in the cave at the beginning of the game asked her to marry him. She said "Yes" before she realized the proposal was actually from her boyfriend, and by then it was too late, so apparently they're getting married now instead.

It probably would have been a better surprise if her now-fiancee's apartment's uncharacteristic tidyness hadn't tipped her off that something was amiss. But the biggest faux pas in this sordid tale is that they were playing the game on an emulator—for shame! Just kidding, we love emulators. Congratulations!