Because Heelys were secretly awesome but they looked like they belonged on the feet of a Vans Warped Tour attendee, the need for some cool-looking wheeled shoes has been ever-present. Designer Peter Treadway may have just delivered the answer to our personal mobility prayers with spnKiX, a pair of roller-skates-meets-kicks that up the ante with a motor and futuristic design a la the Adidas Kobe IIs.

Short rides are best for the spnKiX, as each foot comes equipped with a motor pushing 10 mph and a rechargeable battery pack that lasts about two to three miles before a three-hour recharge is required. Currently on pre-order for $375, the price almost doubles up—to $649 once it releases in March 2012—as will our waistlines, too.

[via Gizmag]