School officials at BYU-Idaho may have overturned the ban on skinny jeans, but the issue is far from dead. Students have reported that some within the university were still  harassing kids over skinny jeans, particularly those on the "curvy" side.

The Student Review, an independent student newspaper, posted an anti-skinny jeans flier from the BYU-Idaho Testing Center (middle image). Campus newspaper The Scroll claims that some student were asked to leave the testing center due to their pants being too snug.

Rachel Vermillion, a Senior psychology major who describes herself as "curvy", says she was denied the option to take a test because her pants were "too tight." Despite the testing center's history of issuing warnings for this type of incident, she wasn't; and when she pointed out other girls wearing tighter pants, she was told the rule was at the discretion of employees. Just foul.

Regardless, BYU-Idaho jumped on Facebook to announce that skinny jeans are, in fact, allowed on campus. As if there aren't more important things to discuss.

[via Gawker]

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