Jon Stewart has successfully eclipsed Fox News in year-end ratings, with theThe Daily Show pulling in more viewers on average when put head to head with the average viewers for Fox's prime time lineup.

According to TVNewser, Stewart pulled in 2.3 million viewers for The Daily Show, as compared to Fox News' 1.868 million average virwers, a lead due in part to Fox's 9% decline in viewers and The Daily Show's 7% gain. Stewart's popularity however, has still not overtaken the beast that is The O’Reilly Factor, which Stewart trails by about 700,000 viewers. 

Sure, Stewart's impressive numbers in comparison to the majority of Fox's prime time programming is likely based on:

1) His active lambasting of Fox News tactics, which has possibly cost it a few viewers (or at least one or two).

2) His devoted younger demographic (and by younger we mean, not 65-years-old, as is the average Fox News viewer).

3) Have you seen The Daily Show? Regardless of what wing you hail from, Stewart is inarguably one of the wittiest men on television. And as such, his show is largely more comedy-based that factually-based, meaning greater focus on entertainment (which of course, means considerably more viewers).

Either way, we're proud of you, Stewart. Keep slamming Sarah Palin's sad lack of U.S. history knowledge and Trump's poor choice of pizza places, and you'll have a viewer in us until we die. Or, get old enough to actually watch Fox News, whichever happens first.

[via TVNewser]