Southaven, Mississippi mayor Greg Davis, whose family-values oriented campaign couldn't earn him a Congressional spot back in '08, has been accused of charging his Canadian gay sex shop splurge to the state of Mississippi. The silver lining is that it was only $67, but the reality is that he still used taxpayer money to fund his naughty fun.

The auditors office told the Associated Press that Davis billed $67 worth of items purchased at Priape, Canada's self-proclaimed "premiere gay lifestyle store and sex shop." If the $67 doesn't bother you, consider the fact that Davis also blew $170,000 on food an liquor and credited it to the people. What an asshole, right?

Davis claims that he "doesn't remember" what he bought from Priape with OPM (Other People's Money), but the incident did yank him out of the closet and he's being forced to pay back those $170 stacks. Serves him right for living a lie and trying to hide it behind the hard earned money of taxpayers.

[via Gawker and Boston Herald]

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