It's hard to believe that these two massive IP's based on creativity and blocks never had any legal scraps in the past, but it's become known that Minecraft's developer, Mojang and the little-plastic-block juggernaut are entering legal territory to help bring LEGO CUUSOO to fruition.

Mojang said of the collaboration, "Since Minecraft is about building stuff with blocks in a virtual world, and you can do similar things with LEGO bricks in the real world, Minecraft and LEGO were meant to be together." 

We at Complex couldn't agree more, and it's very cool to see two companies who recognize each others contributions to this sort of narrow appeal. Both Mojang and LEGO have the edge on their respective markets. Actually, they sort of dominate them, but it's cool to see their willingness to try and bridge a gap between the real world product and it's "virtual" counterpart.

It'll be cool to see Minecraft LEGO's sitting alongside our existing sets....and not being able to tell the difference. So now that the comparison has been made, these two should just get a room and.....provide all the necessary paperwork and legal documents to do business together. And make babies. Little, blocky LEGO babies.

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