Founded by two friends from Mexico City, Milagro is a brand best enjoyed among friends. It might be fine to pass shots of Cuervo along to some people you barely know, but with a tequila this good, it should be a gift. 

Milagro came through the Complex offices to bless us with their fine product. Before presenting the staff with two delicious mixed drinks, they let us try Unico, their new tequila. Unico is Spanish for "the only one," an apt name for such a great high-end spirit.

The distillery has been developing Unico for years, as it's finely-balanced, bright flavor makes clear. It's rich and peppery, strong enough to stand alone for sipping, but also great in a mixed drink, as we found out.

Brand ambassador Jaime Salas schooled us about Milagro before making two cocktails: the fruity Carpe Dia and the creamy Agua Horchata Milagrosa. Keep clicking for the recipes.

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