Bloomberg reports that Microsoft is seeking a TV executive to head efforts to expand their Xbox Live TV content with original programming. With the recent dashboard update for the 360, Microsoft began rolling out content from ESPN, Netflix, Hulu Plus, MSNBC, and more, but as Bloomberg points out, original content developed exclusively for the platform would help set it above competitors in the interactive TV market, like Apple and Google.

According to CVG, a producer for Conan O'Brian revealed in February that Microsoft had approached him about producing "mind-blowing" content for the Xbox platform.  "I think it's coming and it's big," he said at the time. Microsoft has now hired Tim Schneider, an executive at recruitment firm Stratis, to find the guy for the job. In addition to the Conan producer, Marc Graboff and Jeff Gaspin (formerly at NBC) have been approached.

For a full list of the content Microsoft is confirmed to be bringing to Xbox Live TV in the coming months, check out our previous post. We'll keep you posted on just what kind of shows Microsoft is looking to produce as news becomes available. Any prediction? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.