Army Corps of Hell

Genre: Real-Time Strategy

Developer: Entersphere, Inc.

Publisher: Square Enix

The buzz around Square’s singular Vita launch entry is due to comparisons with a certain Gamecube RTS series. Think of Army Corps of Hell as a bloodier version of Pikmin, but equally light-hearted. You play the recently-dethroned king of hell as you try to gain back your empire with the help of an army of goblins.

Like Pikmin, this might not be as complex as your average PC RTS, but there is some depth in the three different classes of goblins you control: wizards for magic attacks, soldiers for close-quarters combat, and lancers for ranged spear attacks.

Along with the convenient camera rotation functionality with the right analog stick, you get to use different parts of the Vita as you progress through hell. This includes a back-touch health-replenishing minigame and a guitar playing sequence. So along with a heavy metal aesthetic to the art style, you can say that there’s also a bit of Brutal Legend to this.