Sound Shapes

Genre: Musical Platformer

Developer: Queasy Games

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

When an independently developed game cracks the top 3 (out of 25) in this type of list, it’s hard to argue that Sony’s on the right track in their commitment to a diverse software publishing portfolio. I’m not talking about simply mixing the casual games with core franchises, but more  about Sony’s partnerships with independent developers like Toronto-based Queasy Games and their Vita entry, Sound Shapes.

Exploring the world of Sound Shapes is done through controlling a cog that can stick to walls and ceilings as well as jump unto platforms. Steady progress through the levels have positive musical consequences, minimizing any potential stress that could be had from the most challenging platforming sections.

It’s pleasing how well represented the music gaming genre is with the Vita’s 2012 games. Sound Shapes respectably edges out Lumines Electronic Symphony for letting players create their own levels. As these are just as beat-driven as the pre-made levels, the user generated experience lends an endearing vibe like the gamer is interacting with a playable music sequencer.