Little Deviants

Genre: Various

Developer: BigBig Studios

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

To borrow a term from Cliffy B, Little Deviants is sort of the “system justifier” of the Vita. It’s the game that every Best Buy games rep should have at the ready to convince parents what the Vita is capable of. It’s as if each level is meant to highlight various functions of the handheld.

Sony can get away with one launch title that gives off that tech-demo vibe. I didn’t play through all the minigames, but there’s arguably enough content to justify a full price purchase for some households.

One of the modes I played showed off the augmented reality via first person shooting. Enemies try to obscure your view by shooting slime on your screen; wiping it off involves rubbing the back touch panel.

Another game had me guide a spherical alien down a vertical level by tilting the Vita. And in a third mission, I was tasked in creating a vortex to help an alien escape. When performing this, I was thinking about Kirby’s Epic Yarn as I altered a cloth-like background by touching the back panel.