Genre: Puzzle Platformer

Developer: Double Eleven, Ltd., Tarsier Studios, Sony XDev Europe

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Sony’s DIY game construction set almost feels like it was made for the Vita. Like ModNation Racers, there’s a ton to take advantage of in object manipulation with the touch screen, both in actual gameplay and level creation.

It also gets my award for the best menus out of all the Vita titles. Not only is the user interface extremely smooth to navigate through, the familiar icons and buttons translate well to the small screen, making it easy for younger gamers and newcomers to figure out.

For veterans of the series, you’ll be pleased to know that all previously shared items from the past games can be carried over to this Vita version, so don’t worry about starting from scratch.

Even without the muscle of the PlayStation 3, this Vita edition feels like it’s building upon the improvements that came with LittleBigPlanet 2. This includes the tools needed to transcend the original game’s platforming format and venture out to other kinds of genres.