Virtua Tennis 4 World Tour

Genre: Tennis

Developer: Sega AM-3

Publisher: Sega

Slightly edging out Rayman Origins and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 for the best 1-to-1 conversion award, Virtua Tennis 4 World Tour boldly adds new content on top of all the features from the console version. This includes an expanded World Tour mode and SixAxis-driven minigames.

There's control versatility where you can switch between analog and touch on the fly, or you can have both settings active during a match. As impressive as professional tennis courts are, this game will also let you use the camera to create a tennis court out of say, your coffee table.

The camera will also allow you to take a picture of your face for the custom character creation, not to mention the player roster is impressively robust if you’d rather play as a pro. Easily the most remarkable feature is the option to play in the first person, where viewing is controlled with the SixAxis. You just might work up a sweat.