Motorstorm RC

Genre: Remote Control Racing

Developer: Evolution Studios

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

You can call Motorstorm RC a greatest hits of sorts. It’s a racer that features 16 tracks and 8 classes of vehicles from the 4 previous games, but now everything is miniaturized and presented in the remote control car format.

So don’t expect it to offer the same real-time environmental disasters from Motorstorm: Apocalypse but you can look forward to challenging course hazards nonetheless. The seemingly simplistic presentation might be deceiving but Motorstorm RC actually comes loaded with four racing modes: regular races, best lap time attacks against ghost cars, a pursuit mode where you have to get to the front of the line, and a challenging drift mode.

Along with asynchronous multiplayer, the game will also offer a synced connection with the PSN version, where both versions will maintain your one profile and game progress. Moreover, the PSN version will support four-player local multiplayer as well as two-player SimulView play.