Well it turns out that our hopes for an intimate Transformers sequel set in a California vineyard have been dashed because Vulture is reporting that Michael Bay is in final negotiations to direct the fourth installment of the explosion-filled series. Leading up to the release of this summer's Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Bay seemed confident that was his last foray into the Transformers world, but money doesn't just talk in Hollywood; it screams.

While the deal might not be final yet, Vulture is making it out to seem like one is imminent. However, fans of Bay's first three Bot-smashing blockbusters will have to wait until he finishes production on his upcoming dark-comedy, Pain and Gain, before Transformers 4 begins to take shape.

In fact, financing Pain and Gain and putting it into production might wind up being Paramount Studio's bargaining chip to get Bay back in the Transformers world. If everything works out the way Paramount wants, Bay will begin shooting Pain and Gain in the very near future, then immediately shift his focus towards Transformers 4

[via Vulture]