We promise, they're so self-conscious.

A recent LivingSocial survey shows that Miami residents are absolutely in love with themselves, earning the thorned crown of America's vainest city. Participants were asked to rate how attractive others thought they were on a scale of 1-10, and 54 percent of Miami dwellers ranked them selves a 7 or higher (7.23 to be exact).

The Windy City was the runner up, as Chicago respondents gave themselves an average rating of 6.93. The rest of the top five included Atlanta, Philadelphia and Phoenix. Miami, the only city to collectively rank itself a 7 or greater, led the nation in several cosmetic surgery procedures, including liposuction. Those are the stats that you aren't proud of, kind of like leading the league in turnovers. Funny enough, they were only third in butt injections.

We gave you the five vainest cities, so you're probably wondering what the five most insecure cities are, even though vanity and insecurity kind of go hand in hand. Minneapolis/St. Paul, Denver, Detroit, Dallas and Cleveland are either the cities with the absolute lowest self-esteem, or the most honest participants. Or both.

How ironic is it that Lebron James currently plays in the country's vainest city (according to this data), while the one he left hates itself in a way it can't mask? Anyone dare to ask Cavs owner Dan Gilbert how he feels about these numbers? Seriously, ask that man.

Miami topping this list isn't surprising at all. However, the city of Cleveland not blaming their response to the survey on Lebron is as shocking as the conclusion of The Usual Suspects.

[via Miami New Times and LivingSocial]

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