Martin Scorsese has fascinated cinephiles over the past few years not only with the movies that he puts on the screen, but with the flicks that he has in development as well. So far he has been linked to a remake of The Gambler with Leonardo DiCaprio, a reunion with Robert DeNiro in The Irishman, and the crime movie, The Snowman. But now, Bleeding Cool is reporting that during an interview on Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode’s Radio Five show on BBC Radio, Scorsese seemed confident that his next film will be an adaptation of Shusako Endo's 1966 novel, Silence

Silence centers on two Jesuit missionaries in 17th century Japan and how one of them renounced Christianity after being tortured during the anti-Christian movements in the 1600's. It sure sounds different that the shoot-em-up gangster flicks that Scorsese built his career on, but much like he did with Taxi Driver, Hugo, and The Aviator, the man has proven that he can tackle any subject expertly. 

One small problem that can derail production, as noted in the original article, is that Scorsese's original choice for one of the missionaries was Daniel Day-Lewis, who is currently busy filming Lincoln with Steven Spielberg. It isn't known whether Scorsese will wait for Lewis to become free again, or if he will recast the role. Hopefully this all shakes out because Scorsese in 17th century Japan sounds like a clear-cut winner to us.

[via Bleeding Cool