Mark Wahlberg is feeling his (middle) age lately. The newly-turned 40-year-old actor-producer is teaming up with teen singer Justin Bieber for a new basketball drama, an "old guy and a young guy" story which Wahlberg compares to The Color of Money.

According to MTV, the Contraband star was initially confused about which role he would play. "So I get this call from Paramount [with a story about] an old guy and a young guy. I'm like, 'Cool, let's get Jack [Nicholson]. Let's get Robert De Niro. Let's get Robert Duvall.' And they go, 'What about Garrett Hedlund?' I'm like, 'For what?' They're like, 'For the young guy.' 

Despite Bieber making Wahlberg feel his not-so-old age, the experienced actor was all for Bieber, admitting he intuitively believes in Bieber's talent: "It's there — and if not, I will extract it."

With Beiber's big-screen pursuits limited to his concert film Never Say Never, we have some doubts, but considering the young star's undebatable charisma, and the benefit of having a seasoned actor like Wahlberg as a mentor, we wouldn't rule out the teen-phenom taking audiences and critics by surprise.

[via MTV]