Meet James Bryce. James is, in his own words, a "30-year-old builder from Bristol." On December 2nd of last year, James suffered a serious on-the-job accident when he managed to sever the thumb on his left hand while doing carpentry work.

Doctors immediately attempted to reattach the digit, but the procedure proved unsuccessful. One of his doctors, Umraz Khan at Frenchay Hospital in Bristol, then had the bright idea of taking the big toe from James's left foot and attaching it to his left hand. Evidently, as a builder, James's thumb was vital to his profession, making the decision to replace it with a toe a no-brainer.

The second operation was successful and James now has no big toe on his left foot, making it difficult for him to balance while walking. However, though he can't yet move his thumb naturally, he's very happy and hopes to return to work soon. 

You gotta love modern medicine.

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