There are reasonable things to do when one's girlfriend becomes boring. Breaking up with her, for instance, is a respectable course of action. Tasering her and burying her alive, not so much.

Marcin Kasprzak, a 25-year-old man went down that road-less-traveled citing his boredom and finding girls who were more attractive at the gym as an excuse to attempt to bury his 27-year-old girlfriend and mother of his child Michelina Lewandowska alive. 

Kasprak and accomplice Katryk Borys attempted to paralyze Lewandowska with a 300,000-volt taser gun. They then bound and gagged her, stuffed her into a 22-inch-deep computer box with two small air holes and took her to the wooded area, where they buried her and placed a large branch over her newly-dug grave. After leaving the scene, they went to a supermarket where they withdrew money out of Lewandowska's bank account.

Thankfully, after an hour of struggle and "great difficulty" Lewandowska was able to claw her way out of the shallow grave. Now, she lives to testify in British court, where the two men admit to being on the scene, but claim they had no intentions of killing Lewandowska.

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