It's one thing to hotbox your car while driving it, but it's another to do so when your 2-year-old is sitting in the backseat. Clearly, that didn't exactly register with California resident J.C. Monroe, because that is exactly what he was doing last Wednesday when cops pulled him over in Sacramento. Apparently the smoke in the vehicle was so thick, cops didn't immediately see Monroe's son sitting in the backseat.

He was obviously arrested and charged with child abuse and probation violation, and is currently in jail awaiting his trial.

Weirdly, even though cops totally saw what he was doing, he's denying the charges. According to CBS13, Monroe said, "My son was in the car, there was some smoke, but it was not a hotbox." He claims that his friend, who was also in the car, has a medical marijuana card, and had just taken one hit when cops pulled them over.

The child is now in the custody of his mother. 

[Via CBS13]