A 33-year-old man in Portland was arrested earlier this week at an area Toys R Us for, get this, attacking shoppers with a lightsaber. Seriously.

Police arrived at the store after receiving a 911 call about a guy swinging a lightsaber at customers with absolutely no motive. Hmm, perhaps he'd just seen Episode I: The Phantom Menace for the first time? That'd be enough to make anyone rage. 

The cops attempted to subdue the man, but he wasn't having any of it - he's a man of the dark side now! They even tried to tase him, but he was able to knock one of the wires away with his lightsaber to render it useless.

Eventually, cops wrestled the man to the ground the old-fashioned way, arresting him and then taking him to a local hospital for psychiatric evaluation. 

[Via Oregon Live]