Holly jolly carolers and good tidings of great joy aside, there's another sound associated with the annual coming of Christmas and Hannukah: The high-pitched whine of the over-privileged. There was plenty of that going around on Twitter this past week, and song-a-day man Jonathan Mann plucked some real gems for his new song "WTF?! I Wanted An iPhone!"

In the song, Mann reads hilariously absurd laments from Twitter users who didn't get what they wanted for Christmas— usually an iPhone, iPad, car or all of the above.

"My mom lost her job but I should get what I want!" and "Fuck you mom and dad for not getting me an iPhone. FUCK YOU!" are two typical complaints. It truly is a cruel world.

Listen to the song in full above. We can't get it out of our heads.

[via Mashable]