With the new year comes CES— the tech industry's biggest annual gadget showcase. One of the things we're looking forward to most this year is the emergence of the new TV definition standard. Dubbed 4k2k by some (4k for short) and "Ultra Definition" (UD) by others, the next generation of TVs will boast a screen resolution that's four times greater than the best HDTVs available today.

We got a look at an early 4k2k television back in September when Toshiba announced its amazing glasses-free 3D ZL2. Now LG has unveiled its own 4k competitor that it says it will demonstrate at CES in January.

LG's offering is truly massive with a long 84 inch LCD screen. It's got 3D (but not glasses-free) and SmartTV capabilities (including voice control) as well.

There's no word on price and availability just yet, but hopefully we'll hear more from LG and other manufacturers at CES in January.

[via Engadget]