What do you usually do in a weekend? Visit friends, sit down with a game you haven't found time for, catch up on laundry. Last weekend, A few folks who work for Airsoft GI spent theirs whipping up a trailer for a Left 4 Dead fan film.


Yeah, and from the looks of this thing, I can only imagine what they could do with a whole week off work, which Airsoft GI should be happy to give them. The possibilities of being able to use GI's extremely real-looking guns [not to mention the great casting] in this short would be a great promotion for them.

From this writers perspective, one of the things that is so fascinating about the zombie genre is how the survivors in the stories can be so much more interesting than the meteor/chemical agent/unstoppable rage that's turned the planet into a wasteland. There is [in the short running time of the trailer] a clear connection between the characters here [for a spoiler-ish reason you'll have to watch for], and that connection is something us in co-op rely on in Left 4 Dead. That said, if the editing was also done over the weekend, than I am truly astonished. This is really good.