A brand new trailer for the upcoming Uncharted: Golden Abyss has hit in anticipation of the PlayStation Vita's Japanese release on December 17. It's pretty excited for Uncharted fans, and it really makes the Vita look like a powerhouse.

Despite our inability to speak or understand Japanese, it's pretty easy to discern what's going on in this trailer. Nate meets some new friends, he holds up an artifact, there are maps and dusty papers spread around on a table, someone betrays him, he almost dies, climbs a tower and defeats some supernatural forces. We don't want to call these games formulaic, because we like them, but we guess that doesn't have to be a bad thing.

Still, the trailer highlights a few things, like the fact that new character Marissa Chase is no Chloe Frazer (she doesn't have scary, piercing alien eyes, for one thing). It also shows the new climbing, combat and sniping mechanics, which utilize the Vita's touch screen. All in all it looks functional—and you can't spell functional without fun! Ahem.

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