One of the emerging names in professional wrestling is WWE Superstar Sheamus. In addition to being seen in regular WWE programming, the Irish wrestler is featured in THQ’s WWE 12 and WWE All Stars games. 

When he’s not pulling off signature moves like the Irish Curse or Brogue Kick in the ring, Sheamus can be found playing games. He talks about his love of gaming in this exclusive interview.


What games did you grow up on in Ireland? 

I started off with the Omega, Commodore, Super Nintendo, Sega Mega Drives (Genesis in the U.S.), and PlayStations. I think Omega was one of the first ones. I actually had a Wrestlemania game for the Omega back in the day. Obviously, FIFA Football was a big game for me. I’ve always played the wrestling games, the Smackdown games, the Smackdown vs. Raw games and now WWE 12.

What are your thoughts on how the WWE games have progressed over the years?

These last couple of THQ games, like Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 and WWE 12, have been unbelievable. Every time I pick up a new game, I can’t believe how fired up, how life-like it is. There are so many customizable options. You turn this on, you never turn it off. You can create your own superstars and arenas. The list goes on and on. 

What do you think of the new game?

Honestly, the game looks amazing. I just can’t take my eyes off it. It’s very realistic. The sharpness of the game is actually like watching Monday Night Raw on television. Of course with my character being in there, it’s even better.

What are your thoughts on your in-game persona?

I look great, but that’s how good THQ is. The only problem I have is they only gave me 70% charisma, which I’m very disappointed about that.


The only problem I have is they only gave me 70% charisma, which I’m very disappointed about that.


Can gamers maybe increase your charisma in the game by doing nice things in the ring?

I don’t know, I’m not sure. You got me stumped on that question. I don’t do nice things in there; I’m more of a beat ‘em up type of person. I’m proud to be in it. It seems to be taking over everything in the WWE right now.

What games do you like to play?

I have a PlayStation 3 and I love the God of War games because the fellow’s got probably as white skin as I have. I also play FIFA Football games; they’re a lot of fun, too. We don’t really get much down time. We’re always traveling. We’re on the road 365 days a year.

You really work 365 days a year?

We say that, because sometimes we only get two days off a week, and sometimes we do two weeks in a row. Also, you’ve got to hit the gym in that time; you’re sore, you get beat up. It’s a chance to chill out at home, read a book, watch a movie, and play a few games. I’m happy. I’m always ready to go back on the road.

Do you travel with your PS3?

I’m not very technical anymore; I used to be. Me trying to plug that thing into one of those hotel TVs would probably end up in disaster. I’d probably get a $2,000 bill to replace the television set or something.

Do you have any other gadgets or games you travel with? 

I’m more a Blackberry man and I have a PSP2, as well.

Can you talk about your finishing move, the Celtic Cross, that’s in the new game?

It ends in disaster for the other fellow. I basically pick a guy up over my back, his head going the other way, and I launch him across the ring. It’s like the fellow gets a 10-day hangover in the space of two seconds, so it’s pretty devastating. There’s nowhere to move out there like that. It’s the ultimate finisher.

What advice do you have for someone who’s going to play as Sheamus in one of the THQ games?

If you’re playing the game and you want to have a chance to win it, you should use the Celtic Cross.