When we got in touch with Naughty Dog about doing an interview with famous explorer Nathan Drake, they weren't sure he'd be able to make time for us. He's a busy man, after all—discovering the fountain of youth, unearthing ancient demons and overcoming impossible odds are time-consuming hobbies, after all.

So we felt really honored when the Naughty Dog team, actor Nolan North and Nathan Drake himself decided to sit down and take the time to answer our questions. How has Drake taken to being an international sex symbol? Does he ever fear for his life? How does he feel about possibly being portrayed by Marky Mark in the rumored upcoming film?

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Complex Magazine: Your latest adventure—which the public will soon become privy to—sees you searching for the legendary lost city, Iram of the Pillars. What was it like to follow in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia?

Nathan Drake: Hot. Really hot. I should have brought more water. I got dehydrated just watching that Lawrence of Arabia movie!

How does it feel to have personally unearthed such legendary archeological artifacts as El Dorado and the Cintamani Stone? You're almost like a real life Indiana Jones.

It's pretty cool, I guess. Sully usually wants to sell whatever we find. He's got this dream to buy a boat that's also a giant humidor. The man loves his cigars.

What aspects of your ancestor Sir Francis Drake's legacy have most affected you? Did you look up to him as a kid?

Of course I looked up to him! I'm a history buff. The stories about Drake are legendary. He spent his whole life exploring the world and experiencing his life to the fullest. I think that's what I admire most. He was a hero to some and a pirate to others. Nice.

You've been in plenty of dangerous situations. Do you ever fear for your life? How do you deal with that? 

Yeah, things have gotten pretty hairy at times. Not sure how I deal with it other than just not thinking too much.

How hard is it to stick to your (mostly) noble principles in life and death situations?

Noble principles? Ha! Sully would like that one!

It's been said that you walk "a fine line between jerk and lovable rogue." How do you maintain that balance?

Who said that? Elena  That sounds like Elena. Sheesh!

You've been betrayed countless times. How difficult are you finding it to trust people these days?

Betrayal kinda comes with the territory. In my line of work there are some real wackos. I keep the ones I trust close to me. There's Elena, Sully and...uh...let's see...I said Elena, right?

You've had a lot of lady friends over the years. Is there one you hold a special place for in your heart, or are you going to stick with the roguish bachelor thing forever?

Who have you been talking to? "A lot of lady friends"? You must mean Sully.

How does it feel to be a male sex symbol?

Again. You REALLY need to talk to Sully.

You've often been compared to "daredevil" Johnny Knoxville and actor Harrison Ford. Do you agree with those comparisons? Maybe find them slightly insulting, considering you're the real deal?

Knoxville is cool! I love that guy. I just can't believe he does that stuff to himself and his friends ON PURPOSE! Crazy funny! I love Harrison Ford, too. Amazing actor. I don't mind being compared to them at all. I just wish I had their bank accounts!

Who are your heroes?

Just one. When I was a kid there was this nun, Sister Amy, that got me my first journal. She encouraged me to write in it. Told me to just let my thoughts pour out. She also pushed me to read and inspired my love for history and art and literature. Without her, I don't know where I'd be. I owe everything I am to her. Everything.

How do you feel about potentially being portrayed by Mark Wahlberg on the big screen? Would you choose any other actors for the role?

Wahlberg? Nah...I don't see it. They should get that guy who does all those videogame voices. Nolan North.  Elena thinks we look alike and he sounds so much like me it's scary! Dude is incredible. Did you know he was the Penguin in Arkham City? I love that game!

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