At some point during a paralegal and school teacher's doomed plan to steal money for an extravagant shopping spree, you'd think they might have considered the consequences and made some attempt to cover their asses. They didn't, and now they're way up shit's creek.

33-year-old Robin Antonella Pabello (right) and 34-year-old Alexa Johzen Polar (left) of Garden Grove forged a $285,000 check from the law firm that employs Polar to charter a private jet to New York for a shopping spree with their friends. The splurge also included five hotel rooms overlooking Times Square,many a stack blown at Tiffany & Co., and a $233,000 deposit on a $3.7 million home. And they really didn't think they'd get caught.

They did get caught though, dead in the middle of their reckless spending. Their account was frozen, they had to fly coach back to L.A. and the debt that they're both apparently swimming in is about to get deeper.

[via The Los Angeles Times]

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