So someone just gave you a 3DS for the holidays. You've been fiddling around with it, trying the AR games and all the cool 3D features, until you found a truly invaluable function: It plays games (just kidding)

The 3DS can record 3D video.

One problem: While that video of your dad getting frustrated and throwing his new iPad down the stairs is hilarious and looks great, you have no way of showing anybody unless you jam your console in their face.

Except that you DO. You actually can get those videos off of your 3DS and put them on Youtube in 3D. You can't just upload them though, there's a little preperation that needs to be done in order to make sure the videos look right online.

I'd explain what you have to do, but believe me when I say that the guys at Nerd Mentality can do a much better job of that, and they have nice little video tutorial with step-by-step instructions. The video above is for Windows-based computers, but there's another video to show Mac users how to do it too.

So get out there, 3D filmmakers, and show the world how much funnier youtube can be in three dimensions!

[Via Nerd Mentality]