The head of PlayStation in Europe, Jim Ryan, recently told Edge that the user-friendliness of the PS Vita will allow them to explore the market for female and younger consumers more than they have in the past, reports CVG. "That [audience] is obviously the untapped holy grail," Ryan said. "We're hopeful that the rather less intimidating interface possibilities that Vita offers may make that market potentially more accessible."

He added, "Some of the things as yet unrevealed on the content side are exploring that." He also stressed that they're going to focus on core gamers at the outset of the handheld's lifespan, since they're going to be the ones purchasing it day one. But starting around 2013 they'll really start to role out the kid-friendly and female-oriented titles.

Hopefully that means more Plants vs. Zombies, a game that appeals to literally everyone, and not necessarily more Barbie's Dream Plastic Surgery and BeyBlades Ultima Rip-Off Supreme (or whatever those damn youngsters are playing these days).

Ryan also mentioned a similar strategy for the PS3. Do you think Sony can cater to hardcore and casual markets simultaneously with their home and portable options? Nintendo's trying the same thing with the Wii U—can they have their cakes and eat them too, or is the cake just a lie? Let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook.