You guessed right. There's no way Halle Berry's award-winningly awful 2004 superhero flick couldn't take one of the top spots on our round-up. Loathed so much by critics that it even graced Roger Ebert's "Most Hated Movies" list, Catwoman was undoubtedly one of the year's—perhaps the decade's—greatest cinematic underachievements.

While we're always game to watch Berry strut around in quasi-revealing outfits, the godawful script and incomprehensible plotline left little room for redemption. Even the heroine's get-up itself was pretty rough, looking like something you might find in the back room at Ricky's.

That said, it wasn't a surprise when Berry was honored with a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress. What was: Berry was one of the few Hollywooders to actually attend the ceremony and receive her award in person. She's a hell of a good sport about it, too, as you'll see above. Her ability to laugh at herself and what even she dubs "a piece of shit, godawful movie" make her 1000 times sexier in our book.