It's rare that you'll encounter a leading lady as equally blessed when it comes to talent and aesthetics as Halle Berry. The combination of the two makes the A-list hottie undeniably mesmerizing to watch on the big screen, even in flicks that go out of their way to downplay the actress' beauty, like 2001's Monster's Ball. While the makeup crew certainly succeded in making Berry look as beat as possible as mourning mother Leticia Musgrove, her talent shined through more brilliantly than ever, helping her make history as the first African American female to win an Academy Award for best actress. 

That said, also worthy of admiration is the respected actress' surprising number of poor career choices that could leave even Samuel L. Jackson shaking his head. When the trailer first came out for New Years Eve, the cheese-tastic new rom-com your girl will undoubtedly be dragging you to this weekend, we had to do a double-take when a foxy woman, resembling, but surely not Berry, appeared in some frumpy hospital scrubs. Unfortunately, our fears were confirmed when her name appeared at the end of the preview. In hopes of setting the leading lady back on the right track, we urge her to learn from past mistakes in our list of Halle Berry's 10 Biggest Career Fails.

Written by Lauren Otis (@LaurNado)

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