If you didn't know already, it's still sorta the 10th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto 3. But you should know this, as we gave away a plethora of GTA goodies a few weeks ago to you fine folks who stop by to read our words. 

Well, Rockstar has been in sort of an advertising overdrive lately. Whether it's answering very little about Grand Theft Auto V until the time is right, or answering as much as they can about Max Payne 3, it's likely that this next announcement kind of took a back seat.

But the game that shot Rockstar to, well....rockstar status, is here again and it looks amazing. Really, it's better than ever. Grand Theft Auto 3 just launched on the iOS and Android, with revamped graphics and remapped touchscreen controls.

And for $4.99, this is an absolute steal. $4.99 for a complete port of the game that truly started the open-world genre and helped propel the Playstation 2 to being one of the best-selling game consoles of all time. Did we mention it's $4.99? It basically sells itself.

I mean, Canabalt is really great and all, but it doesn't even have cars, or hookers, or guns. Or lots of other great shit that GTA3 has tons of.