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When 45-year-old Dan D'Amato got shot in the butt in a motel room near Orlando full of hookers and drugs, he had no idea it would save his life. While waiting on two prostitutes at the Knights Inn motel, some lunatic entered the room and sprayed it with an AK-47, catching D'Amato once in the rear (see the security camera photo of him limping away immediately afterwards above).

He was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center, where doctors discovered two growths in his lungs, one of which was a tumor that weighed almost four pounds. Although it wasn't cancerous, it had been causing respiratory problems and eventually could've been fatal. The surgeon's words to D'Amato: "'Dude, getting shot saved your life."

After that miracle, D'Amato decided to leave the seedy motel sex parties alone and stay on the straight and narrow.

[via Miami New Times]

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