Casual sex can be a beautiful thing. But it can go from pretty to ugly mind-numbingly fast. One minute you're enjoying a mutually satisfying, purely sexual encounter, the next your phone is blowing up the thousandth time and you don't know what happened.

We're just saying, you can do better. You don't have to endure another sleepless night due to a string of missed calls from your booty-call-gone-bad. What you need to do is leave your amateur antics behind and start acting like a gentleman.

Being a man in the modern world means knowing how to navigate the tricky maze of causal sex, knowing what to do to emerge with your shiny reputation intact, all the while maintaining your style and integrity. We got you on this one.

Allow us to unveil your one-way ticket to no-strings-attached sexual satisfaction: A Gentleman's Guide to Casual Sex.