What with all the DRM giving even your average, paying PC gamers headaches, it's no wonder Gamefly doesn't offer rentals for Mac and Windows games. With their acquisition of IGN's Direct2Drive service earlier this year, though, it became clear they were working on a solution. As of today, Gamefly's new PC client and digital download service is live, and the best part is that over 300 PC titles are now available to Gamefly members for free—yes, just like Netflix's streaming service.

The client (available for Windows and Mac, though Mac games are currently listed as "coming soon") allows members to manage their GameQs, arrange their game collections on "virtual shelves," shop for new games, check out news, videos and screenshots, and, of course, choose from the over 300 titles currently available for free download play on Windows. It's sort of like Steam without the social aspects, and also with no Mac games (sigh).

These include "everything from Saints Row 2 to World of Goo," according to an email that went out today, incidicating the available titles will run the gamut from indie-ish to mainstream. Do you think this is going to be successful? Will the lack of Mac games out the gate harm their chances? Check out the client here and let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook.