iThingy accessory company 60beat has released a full-on video game controller, burdened with the forgettable title "GamePad," for iPhone, iPads, iPod Touches and etc. It sports all the usual accoutrements: triggers, sticks, buttons, and it interfaces directly with your Apple device to do away with those nasty touch controls.

And never mind that those are the one aspect of i-gaming that sets it apart. The real drawback is that it's only supported by two games at the moment (Bugdom 2 and Aftermath). To be fair, Aftermath is pretty cool, but it's probably not worth getting an additional $50 controller for. Hopefully more games will start to include support for the controller.

Out real question is, if it was this easy, why did it take so many years for this product to come out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.