Fox News published a list of "uncool gadgets" to give for the holidays. The list includes Netbooks, GPS devices and, wait a second, portable gaming consoles?

Actually, though they're on the list, the reviewer didn't technically have anything bad to say about mobile gaming platforms, other than that they were primarily for children: "If you have a kid who's too young for a smartphone, there's nothing wrong with getting a Nintendo DS (starting at $100) or DS3 (the 3D model, $170)." They reccomend not buying a PSP, but only because the PS VIta is being released in February.

That said, the implication that these machines are only for children is pretty condescending to gamers and unfair to the machines themselves. In addition to being a gaming platform, the 3DS is one of the cheapest 3D cameras on the market: That has to count for something, right? In the end, Fox News should, as always, be taken with a grain of salt: It's never been a secret that they have a low opinion of gaming.

Then again, it'd be nice if they could at least get the names right.