What's beef? When your mom jumps in and crosses the line. After her daughter got into a Facebook war, 33-year-old Rayshell Lavone Smith jumped in the middle of it and went entirely too far. 

After learning that another girl had been fighting with her daughter at Freedom Middle School in Orlando, the Orlando Sentinel reports that Smith sent the girl a message, saying "So you the [expletive] messing with my girls..." It only gets worse from here.

After threatening to put a gun in the girls mouth and pull the trigger, Smith offered a final bone-chilling warning: "I will see you when school gets in." Smith is a convicted felon who's done time and was previously charged with assault with a deadly weapon, so she probably wasn't joking. 

In the surprise of the year, the girl told on Smith, who was arrested for making death threats. She's out of jail now, but the streets still aren't totally safe for that other girl. Look at Smith, she looks like she just doesn't care about much and lives like she has nothing to lose.

[via Miami New Times]

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