Four years ago, Andrew Meyer (second photo) became an internet sensation with his plea of "Don't tase me, bro!". Last Friday, 28-year-old Darel Horne (left) requested that police taser him, all while naked and in posession of a boat that was not his own. Only in Florida, folks.

Horne and friend Matthew Shrider (right) were on the way to visit a friend when their truck broke down near Lake Botts in Pierson, Florida. Their solution? Steal a boat to reach their destination, and yes, this decision was fueled by alcohol. A neighbor of the boat owner witnessed the theft in process, and called authorities. When the cops arrived, things got totally out of pocket.

When police ordered them back to shore, Horne snapped, spewing obscenities at police and stripping naked. A spokesman for the Volusia County Sheriff's department says he proceeded to dive into the water and swim in the opposite direction, "cursing and making hand gestures as he went."

Shrider paddled back to shore, and police found a can of beer, bottle of rum and the axe used to liberate the boat. They eventually found the naked Horne, who actually said "Taser me, bro" when police threatened to subdue him. They obliged, and Horne later apologized, but thanked them for fulfilling his wish.

What's up with the state of Florida? Any way you dress it up, or dress it down in this case, they have the wildest news.

[via Miami New Times]

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