With Facebook's IPO looming, few parties have been privy to its books besides the company itself and the likes of Goldman Sachs. According to Gawker, an unnamed source has leaked the company’s records, revealing vital information for potential investors and users curious to see what their private data is worth.

For the 2011 fiscal, FB is set to clear $1 billion in profits, doubling up from 2010’s take of $500 million, itself a 100% increase from 2009’s take of $250 million. To put that in perspective, the seven-year-old company’s $3.5 billion cash in hand already surpasses that of Yahoo, AMD, and Adobe, companies that have been around a combined nine decades.

It’s no wonder then that the company was able to convince Goldman Sachs to invest $1.5 billion—for only a 0.8% ownership. Facebook’s employees own the largest portion (30%), but Zuckerberg, of course, holds the single biggest stake at 24%. Sean Parker still has his 4%, and surprisingly, Microsoft has a 1.3% stake.

[via Gawker]

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