Epic Games's Cliff Bleszinski had been hinting at their big reveal all week, claiming it was a new IP that would be different from their previous work. When he introduced the debut trailer for Fortnite at last night's Spike TV Video Game Awards, we found out he definitely wasn't kidding.

The video shows off a very Team Fortress 2-esque aesthetic as a group of apparent survivors gather supplies and materials from ruined buildings and set up a barricade as monsters begin to approach. There's been speculation that the game will be a shooter with tower defense aspects, perhaps taking cues from XBLA's Orcs Must Die! or even Call of Duty's revered zombie mode. No gameplay was shown, though, so every bit of speculation remains as such.

Check out the game's official site here. Are you excited to see Epic going in a different direction, or would you rather they stick to Unreal and Gears? Check out our awards recap for all the VGA winners and let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook.