Back in 2009, Chicago dentist Gary Kimmel was sentenced to 37 months behind bars for his dealings in a prostitution ring. You see, "Doc" as Kimmel is known, was a condo board member who allowed pimps like Robert Lewis Young aka "Blue Diamond" (pictured above) to operate in the Marina Towers. In other words, Kimmel was literally a rest haven for hoes. After being released early on good behavior, he's looking to work on teeth again. Do you think they ever let him hit up the Player's Ball (last image)?

Over the summer, the state of Illinois passed a law that relieves health care professionals of their licenses if they're convicted of forcible felonies or sex crimes. Kimmel, however, confessed to doing business with pimps, so the law doesn't apply to him. In fact, the lone allegation against his dental work involved just one prostitute, who he was trying to help because she had her teeth knocked out.

Still, Kimmel will have to retest for his license, pay a suspension fine of $50,000 and charm the state board into letting him practice again. Anything that he might've learned form Blue Diamond will aid him with the latter task. Plus, a shady businessman can still be a good dentist, right?

[via Chicagoist]

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