24-year-old Anthony Miranda got a harsh lesson in why you should never try to rob someone who studies a variety of ass-kicking methods. A 33-year-old man was sitting in his car Friday night when Miranda approached him, asking if he had a lighter. When he said he didn't, Miranda brandished a gun, demanding his valuables and ordering him out of the car. From this moment forward, it was lights out.

After stepping out of the car, the man got a hold of the handgun and was able to gain the advantage over Miranda by beating the shit out of him. At some point during the struggle, Miranda pulled a Cheddar Bob, accidentally shooting himself in the ankle. The "victim" was able to subdue Miranda, most likely with one of the various choke holds he's learned, until police arrived.

After turning Miranda over to the cops, the man explained that he was a trained mixed martial arts fighter, as if they couldn't already tell from the beat down he issued. Miranda was booked for discharging a weapon during a robbery, and is being held on $350,000 bail. The highlight of his mugshot, aside from the cuts and bruises, is that shameful look of remorse as he wonders where he went wrong.

[via Chicago Tribune]

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