With most of the recent buzz about upcoming comic book movies focusing solely on The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers, people seem to have forgotten that Marc Webb is primed to reboot the stagnant Spider-Man franchise this July with The Amazing Spider-Man. But besides for a brief teaser trailer and a few pictures of the new suit, very little about the movie has been released so far. Thankfully, Super Hero Hype just debuted a first-look at a brand-new theatrical poster for the flick to whet our appetite. 

While most comic fans are waiting patiently for their first look at the film's villain, the Lizard, this poster only features Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker; however, it does set up the mood of the flick brilliantly. We're just hoping that we get a look at some more footage of the movie soon so we can see how much of a chance it stands against the other superhero juggernauts. 

[via Super Hero Hype]