There is no doubt that Sam Raimi's Spider-Man franchise taught Hollywood that it was possible to create a smart superhero film that could please audiences as well as bring in some serious back, but there was one aspect of the first movie that always let us down: the costume for the Green Goblin.

Played by Willem Dafoe, the Green Goblin was nearly identical in personality to the character that Steve Ditko, John Romita, and Stan Lee worked on in the '60s, but unfortunately he looked like something that wandered out of a cheap Ed Wood movie. Considering how scary Dafoe is on a daily basis, the character didn't physically bring that type of intimidation to the big screen. 

Now, Super Hero Hype has just put up a video that shows-off a makeup test for the original concept of the character. Featuring a more organic mask than the final product, here the Goblin looks much closer to the character that Ditko first designed in the comics. While it's still not perfect (those ears are a bit big and the eyes lack any humanity) it's still a better starting point than what Raimi finally decided on.

Hopefully if Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man franchise ever introduces us to another version of the Green Goblin, it will look more like this comic accurate design.

[via Super Hero Hype]