Soulja Boy asks the important questions

rapper, gamer, philosopher

This is a question we've asked ourselves many a sleepless night, as we stare up at the ceiling and ponder the general mysteries of the universe. Maybe we should do what Soulja Boy did and ask the most random person possible on Twitter. To be fair, @TheZachSwag would probably be as thug as Soulja Boy if he wasn't a 12-year-old white kid.

The tweet Soulja was replying to is priceless: "@souljaboy got so much swag. Prolly the reason why all these haters on his dick." We're also unsure why haters seem to be converging on Soulja's dick, though his copious amounts of swag may indeed be the reason. By the way, the kid responded that he liked Xbox better and then proceeded to literally beg Soulja Boy to follow him. Twitter!