Justin Bieber makes us so angry

Youtube star, singer, optimist

Though his worst offense is undoubtedly his unbridled positivity (it really doesn't mesh well with our soul-crushing cynicism), his new music video isn't winning him any fans, either. Well, to be fair, it's probably winning him a lot of fans, but not any on our side of the fence (which is, admittedly, rather sparsely populated).

Anyway, Nintendo thought it would once again be a good idea to potentially alienate a large chunk of their soon-to-be-former fans, this time by paying probably-ungodly amounts of money for the 3DS to be heavily featured in a Christmas video about a ten-year-old boy (Bieber) and his drug-addled mother (Mariah Carey) singing a love song to one another. No, we're not going to link to it. Since when do they sell 3DS's in Macy's? We hate everything about this. You should too. Next!

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