Just a few days removed from the death of legendary creator Jerry Robinson, the comic book world lost another giant of the industry, Joe Simon, according to The Beat. Simon, 98, was perhaps best known for co-creating Captain America along with Jack Kirby back in 1941 for Timely Comics, which went on to become Marvel Comics. With his colorful villains, gripping adventures, and legions of fans, Captain America paved the way for Marvel to become the juggernaut that it is today, and there is no doubt that his longevity is a direct testament to the creative genius of Simon. 

After the creation of Captain America, the duo of Simon and Kirby went on to work at DC Comics on characters like The Sandman, Manhunter, and The Boy Commandos. Simon later went on to create the Mad Magazine-esque publication, Sick Magazine. He would work in comic books and advertising for the rest of his life.

Over his 60+ year career, Simon helped lay the groundwork for what would become the modern Marvel Universe, and helped revolutionize an entire industry. Every comic on the stands today has been influenced by Simon in one way or another.

[via The Beat]